What Are The Types Of Garage Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing which garage door is the best purchase for a home can prove to be somewhat difficult. Discover the different types of garage doors available for your home. Find the perfect fit for your needs.

There are a number of options for each consideration and, like any other purchase, each garage door has both its advantages and disadvantages. It is best to consult garage door professionals for advice and information while deciding.

Sectional Garage Doors

There are numerous options for finishes within the sectional garage door category. These types of doors are generally available in designs of three to eight panels. They function by sliding upward and overhead.

  • Sectional garage doors require no space outside of the garage.
  • Every panel of sectional garage doors is autonomously connected to the garage door track. This increases both the sturdiness and reliability of this type of door. Monolithic, garage doors use only a few track connections for their single-panel design.
  • Sectional garage doors may be constructed out of aluminum; steel; copper; wood; vinyl; and/or fiberglass.
  • These types of doors may be operated manually or with an electric opener. These types of doors are also very smooth and quiet during operation.

Sectional garage doors do require more ceiling space because they are constructed with horizontal tracks.

Canopy Style Up-and-Over Doors

Canopy style up and over garage doors are most commonly designed from aluminum or steel. Canopy garage doors are available in two basic types. The canopy gear design is also called a trackless canopy. The retractable gear design is also known as a slide-away or tracked garage door.

  • These doors are simple to operate due to their well-balanced design.
  • Canopy garage doors are most commonly the least expensive type of garage door.

These types of garage doors are not available with electric openers. They require more space in order to swing open. Some designs are also noisier when in operation.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged garage doors are a traditional design and are the oldest type of garage door; however, these types of doors should not be dismissed as obsolete or outdated.

  • Hinged garage doors are installed in pairs which allow for an open door to workshops.
  • The mechanism of these doors is not complex; therefore maintenance is usually limited to their finish and hinges.
  • Hinged garage doors are extremely simple to operate manually.

These types of garage doors are not recommended for use with electric openers. Hinged garage doors are not quite as secure as garage doors that operate vertically.

Retractable Up-and-Over Doors

Retractable garage doors are designed with overhead tracks that are mounted overhead. The pivot arms are side mounted to provide balance and support. These types of garage doors are usually offered in timber; fiberglass; steel; and UPVC.

  • These garage doors are quitter than canopy styles while in operation, especially when used with an electric opener.
  • Retractable up-and-over garage doors are extremely simple to operate.

These types of garage doors do require more space, both internally and externally, than other styles. They also require more maintenance than the others due to their complicated mechanism.

Roller Doors

Roller garage doors are designed with corrugated materials such as steel, or less commonly, fiberglass. The corrugation design provides increased strength and protection in the event of an impact.

  • Roller garage doors do not require as much space as other styles of garage doors.
  • These types of garage doors are extremely secure as well as operate quietly and smoothly.
  • Roller garage doors work well in conjunction with electric openers.

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